Philippe Jehiel

Address: PSE – 48 Bd Jourdan 75014 Paris, France

Working papers and publications

Bounded Rationality and Learning

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Communication with forgetful liars  Theoretical Economics 2021

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Bubbles and Crashes with Partially Sophisticated Investors (with Milo Bianchi)

Analogy-based expectation equilibrium and related concepts: Theory, applications, and beyond prepared for the (virtual) World Congress of the Econometric Society 2020

Cycling and Categorical Learning in Decentralized Adverse Selection Economies (with Erik Mohlin)

Expectation Formation, Local Sampling and Belief Traps: A new Perspective on Education Choices (with Simon Gleyze)

Categorization in Games: A Bias-Variance Perspective (with Erik Mohlin)

Endogenous Clustering and Analogy-Based Expectation Equilibrium (with Giacomo Weber)


Auctions and Mechanism Design

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Towards a Simonian Theory of Integration preliminary

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